At ICERM for a semester on Nonlinear Algebra!

August, 2018

In Fall 2018, I will spend my semester at the Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics, or ICERM. Specifically, they have a semester long program on Nonlinear Algebra, and I will speak twice, as well as participate in all four week-long workshops, in addition to research between and during workshops.

  1. The first workshop, the Nonlinear Algebra Bootcamp. I present on real computations.
  2. Workshop the second, on Core Computational Methods. I will present on Multiprecision.
  3. In October, workshop three, Real Algebraic Geometry and Optimization. I will participate.
  4. The final workshop, in November, Nonlinear Algebra in Applications. I will participate.

I am grateful for the opportunity and invitation to participate, as well as for the permission to be absent from my home institution for the semester -- though I am teaching online, so I am still fully employed.

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