Danielle Amethyst Brake, PhD

visualizing & computational mathematician

Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics
University of Wisconsin Eau Claire
she / her / hers

danielle at oysterfest 2018


📧   danielleamethystbrake@gmail.com

🏢   105 Garfield Ave // Hibbard 512
    Eau Claire, WI 54701

🚫📞  don't call me, please. just email me. i am voice dysphoric, and dislike speaking on the phone.

  especially 🚫📞 fall 2018.
  i'm not in wisconsin, and can't
  answer my office phone.
  don't call me.

Important note

Fall 2018, I will spend my semester at the Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics, or ICERM.

In particular, they have a semester long program on Nonlinear Algebra, and I will speak twice, as well as participate in all four week-long workshops, in addition to research between and during workshops.

For more, please see my more full writeup in my blog.


Professional interests

algebraic surface Limao in yellow on a black background
  • Applied machine learning
  • Numerical algebraic geometry
  • Parallel programming
  • C++, Python, R, Matlab, OpenSCAD
  • 3D printing
  • Real algebraic geometry and tropical geometry

Other ways to learn about me

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